About SSI And SSDI

Being unable to pay bills creates stress. Wondering how you are going to provide for your family can feel humiliating and embarrassing, most especially when your inability to work is due to a disability. It can be even more difficult when you have a disability that people can't see — like depression, diabetes and IBS. You've either tried filing for SSDI/SSI, or are thinking about it. But don't you already have enough on your plate? Allowing an attorney to present your case can alleviate much of the fear and frustration.

Did you know that Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are based on federal law? That means that the examiners and judges have to make decisions that are based on a very proscribed set of rules. When those rules are not followed, an attorney like me can offer detailed reasons why a case should be approved, and cogent arguments about why a denial should be reversed.

Fighting For The Benefits You've Earned

As your attorney, I can assure you that your case will be handled with dignity, diligence and dedication. At my firm, the Law Offices of Cory A. DeLellis, I know the difficulty not just of having a disability, but also of having to accept that — at least for the moment — your workings days are over. There has already been a huge loss because of being unable to work. A further financial loss doesn't have to be part of the equation.

There are very specific rules that need to be followed when applying for both SSDI and SSI. Applying for the wrong program can cause delays approval. While the Social Security Administration (SSA) aims to give you all the information that they can, the staff are not attorneys. It's not unusual to get incorrect information from the staff that works the windows in the office, or even over the phone. Much of the misinformation is a result of the person giving you generic information, rather than advising you based on the specifics of your individual case.

Making A Difference, For You And Your Future

I want to ensure that you get the full benefits to which you are entitled and that you get them in a timely manner. There is no upfront fee for my services. I only get paid when I get your case approved. I began my career as a lawyer by helping my father in his law office, working on cases just like yours.

I am aggressive, passionate and persistent. My office is conveniently located in San Diego, California, and I serve the greater area. My goal is to find all the strengths in your case. Regardless of where you are in the application process, let's talk about how I can help you get your benefits as soon as possible. Call me today at 619-567-4462.

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