17 Nov 2020

“I James cannot say enough about the representation I received from the Law Offices of Cory A. DeLellis for social security disability benefits. I first applied in 2018, and was denied. I searched online for a social security disability lawyer, to find out 4 months later no returned phone calls. I called the social security office and was informed my package was never submitted. I fired this attorney and located the Offices of Cory A. DeLellis. From day one I was constantly updated by Erika and staff about any questions I had, and where my disability package was in the system. Erika was awesome!! During these tough times Cory settled my disability case within 14 months. I’m so grateful I chose the Offices of Cory A. DeLellis. They are Outstanding!!! I truly recommend their services to anyone looking for a Professional, Honest, hardworking lawyer to settle your case.

God Bless you Cory, Erika and Staff.”

– By J. C.

21 July 2020

“My case was not an easy one. However, Cory DeLellis and her law firm never gave up on me or my case. Plus, any time I had questions, Erika was super knowledgeable, helpful and caring. I have much to be thankful to Ms. DeLellis and her associates.”

– By N. L.

14 July 2020

“I chose the Law Offices of Cory DeLellis to represent me in a Social Security Disability claim and I’m glad I did. Cory and her team did a wonderful job for me. They reviewed and filed all of the forms and claim paperwork and handled almost all communications with SSA, except for a few times when my signature was required on a form. At our first meeting Cory explained the whole process, what to expect, what documents I should collect and approximately how long it would take. They communicated with me very well and kept me informed every step of the way as things progressed, and were always there to answer any questions or concerns of mine. After a hearing date was finally set, Cory set up a meeting with me about 6 weeks prior to the hearing to get me prepared. She had already reviewed my statements, records and everything that SSA would have looked at. She briefed me on the hearing process, who would be present at the hearing, what questions were likely to be asked, possible problem areas to be prepared for and what documents to have ready in front of me for easy access. My hearing was conducted by phone due to the Covid 19 crisis, but we were very well prepared. The hearing went very smoothly and took less time than expected. Had the Judge arrived at an un-favorable decision Cory was prepared to appeal, but fortunately we received a fully favorable decision. The whole process in my case took only 15 months, from our first meeting to getting paid. Had I tried to do this on my own I doubt that things would have gone so smoothly and turned out so well. I am extremely pleased with the performance and professionalism of “Team DeLellis” and I give them my highest recommendation.”

– By K. B.