How cerebral palsy sufferers can qualify for SSD benefits

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2021 | Physical Impairments

Cerebral palsy is a tragic medical condition that can have long-term implications. This condition often results when a child is deprived of oxygen during birth or they otherwise suffer damage to their brain development, which can leave them with poor muscle movement, tone, and posture. This condition can last a lifetime and make living a normal life difficult, if not impossible.

Qualifying for disability benefits when suffering from cerebral palsy

If cerebral palsy is so severe that it prohibits you from working, earning a wage, and otherwise living a normal life, then you should consider whether you qualify for Social Security disability benefits. In order to qualify, you have to meet specifically identified qualifications, which include:

  • Extreme limitation in at least two extremities, resulting in restrictions to the ability to stand up, balance, or use your arms and hands
  • Limitations in physical functioning coupled with trouble interacting with others, remembering information, understanding information, concentrating, or managing yourself
  • Significant difficulty in communicating due to deficits to speech, hearing, or sight

It’s worth noting that you only have to meet one of the qualifications identified above in order to receive SSD benefits.

Gather the evidence that you need to support your claim

The recovery of disability benefits isn’t automatic, though. Instead, you have to be diligent in gathering the evidence that you need to support you position. Your medical records should show how your condition has placed limitations on you, keeping in mind that they need to speak directly to the specific qualifications that have to be met. It’s also helpful to have testimony or letters from those who can speak to how your condition has affected your ability to work and live a normal life.

Once you have that evidence, you can confidently proceed with your claim. There may be bumps along the way as you try to recover what you deserve, but with a little help you can maximize your chances of recovering the financial resources you need to help you get by while you focus on the things that are most important to you.