What evidence will I need to prove a mental disability?

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2022 | Mental Impairments

A San Diego resident with a mental condition surely realizes the daily struggle dealing with it is. Just like a physical illness, injury or other ailment, a mental condition can make it difficult if not impossible for a person to find work.

The person may need to find other ways of supporting himself and may wish to turn to the Social Security Administration for disability benefits.

Someone who has a work history may be able to qualify for Social Security Disability Income if her condition has sidelined her from her profession or trade. Someone with a limited work history may still be able to get Supplemental Security Income for a mental condition.

Applicants must show how a mental condition limits their ability to work

As in any other disability case, a resident of Southern California will have to produce evidence to the Social Security Administration documenting his condition.

The Administration has several listed conditions which describe what mental or cognitive ailments can qualify for disability benefits, but there is a lot of overlap in what kind of information the Administration will want.

As a start, a person will need to produce a medical diagnosis or other reliable evidence establishing her condition.

A medical professional and other mental health professionals may also explain how well a person responds to treatment and what limitations he suffers even despite treatment.

This additional evidence is important so as to show the Administration that, even with proper medical treatment, an applicant is not going to be able to find suitable employment.

Other sources of information, such as the statements of family and friends, educational institutions and employers or vocational programs, may also be helpful.

For those who are struggling with a mental illness or other mental or intellectual condition, putting together a convincing argument for disability benefits is important but can be a complicated affair.