Inflammatory bowel disease and SSD benefits

On Behalf of | May 24, 2022 | SSD Benefits

Suffering from inflammatory bowel disease can upend life as you know it. You can be left with significant pain, and merely getting by on a day-to-day basis can be challenging. But obtaining and maintaining a job can be downright impossible.

Although that can cause a lot of financial stress, the good news is that if you’re in this situation, you may be able to obtain Social Security disability benefits to help you secure needed medical care and financial stability. But qualifying for disability benefits can be more challenging than you think.

How do inflammatory bowel syndrome sufferers qualify for SSD benefits?

In order to meet the federal government’s definition of “disabled” when it comes to inflammatory bowel disease, you have to prove that you suffer from certain characteristics.

For example, one way to demonstrate that you qualify is to show that you suffer from obstruction in stenotic areas of the small intestine or colon, requiring hospitalization on at least two separate occasions. Those hospitalizations must be at least 60 days apart but occur within a 6-month timespan.

Another way to qualify for SSD benefits with this condition is to demonstrate that you suffer from at least two conditions out of a list of symptoms that don’t improve despite treatment. These symptoms include significant weight loss, perineal disease, a tender abdominal mass, and anemia.

Obtain the guidance that you need to navigate your claim

Please note that this is a simplification of the requirements that must be met before you can qualify for SSD benefits for inflammatory bowel disease. Remember, too, that you are going to need medical evidence to support your position as well as strong legal arguments. So, be prepared before moving forward with your case.

Pursuing SSD benefits can be a daunting process, for sure. So, if you’d like help in developing the strong claim that you need, please think about working with an experienced disability advocate.