Supplemental Security Income provides needs-based benefits

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2022 | SSD Benefits

Almost everyone knows someone who collects “Social Security benefits.” Many may not know, however, understand the different types of benefits each may receive and how they differ. One of the most well-known financial benefits provided by the Social Security Administration is Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Benefits are provided under this program to individuals who satisfy multiple criteria, including medical disability, age (with some exceptions), income and financial resources.

Requirements for SSI

Applicants must have attained age 65 and suffer from blindness or have a medical disability. Children who satisfy the second requirement can receive benefits. Second, they must have applied for all benefits for which they are eligible. Third, applicants must prove they are a United States citizen or national and have resided in one of 50 states for the past 30 calendar days.

Lastly, residents of California must have limited resources or income valued at less than $2,000 if single or $3,000. Homes and other possessions are exempted. California supplements the federal benefit. Automatic enrollment occurs in Medi-Cal without a separate application. Recipients can also receive food assistance from CalFresh if they satisfy certain requirements.

What type of disability insurance should I apply for?

The disability umbrella covers a wide range of people and circumstances. Individuals who have experienced unforeseen circumstances that have depleted their savings and left them or their children disabled have programs available to them. An attorney whose practice focuses on the specific requirements for SSI benefits can offer guidance.