Information on disabilities that qualify for SSDI benefits

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2022 | SSD Benefits

As readers of this legal blog know, we talk about Social Security Disability Insurance benefits frequently. Indeed, in a recent post, we discussed the basics of qualifying for SSDI benefits. And, in this San Diego, California, post, we will discuss how Social Security determines what injuries and diseases qualify as a disability to receive SSDI benefits.


In sum, to qualify for SSDI, your California disability (injury, disease, etc.) must make it impossible for you to work and engage in substantial gainful activities (employment). And, work adjustments would not alleviate that inability.

Finally, that condition must also have already lasted for 1 year, be expected to last for that time or be expected to result in your death. Moreover, as a prerequisite to receiving SSDI benefits, you must have worked in a position covered by Social Security and earned enough wages to qualify.

What qualifies as a severe condition?

First, Social Security has a list of medical conditions that they automatically qualify. However, if your medical condition is not on that list, you must be able to prove that it still qualifies. Specifically, the medical condition must affect your San Diego, California, work-related activities. This means that the condition significantly limits or eliminates your ability to lift, sit, walk, stand, communicate, remember, etc. for, at a minimum, 12 months (or, will result in your death).

Can SSDI be expedited?

Yes. In fact, there are two expedited SSDI processes. The first is called Compassionate Allowance. Under this process, for some diseases, once you receive a diagnosis, and Social Security verifies that diagnosis, you will qualify for SSDI benefits.

Some examples of these approved CA diseases are ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), pancreatic cancer and acute leukemia. There is also the Quick Disability Determinations process. In that process, a Social Security computer algorithm identifies San Diego, California, applicants who have a high probability of qualification.