Medical evidence is a key part of a successful disability claim

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2023 | Social Security Disability

When people in San Diego and across Southern California are injured or suffer a condition that prevents them from working, Social Security Disability benefits can be a great help. It is easy to be confused and even overwhelmed when applying. However, knowing what the Social Security Administration requires is integral from the start. Medical evidence is one of the most important parts of the case.

Understand the basics about medical evidence for Social Security Disability

The person seeking SSD benefits must prove they are impaired and that it is severe enough that they warrant an approval. The claimant can permit their own medical sources to give the SSA information about their condition. That can include examinations, evaluations, treatments and medical care they received at various facilities.

The medical evidence must be provided by credible sources like general practitioners, orthopedists, mental health professionals, surgeons and others. The severity of the condition will be crucial to the claim’s approval or denial. The evidence must show that the person has limited or no functionality in a work setting. Sources can range from family members, educators, employers, religious leaders and the claimant themselves.

The information must give the SSA a window into how severe the impairment is; its duration; and how the impairment limits them when trying to do physical and mental activities. A consultative examination from specialists might be needed to yield more in-depth information about the claimant’s condition.

Regarding symptoms, the SSA will need to know how they hinder functionality. For example, if the person gets fatigued easily or feels debilitating pain from minor exertion, the SSA needs to know about their activities throughout the day; the specifics about the pain; what can start it and aggravate it; if they are taking medication to treat it; what measures are taken to address it, and other factors.

To file for SSD benefits, having professional help can make a world of difference

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be complex. People can be denied for myriad reasons, but a common one is if they make a misstep on the application and do not give the SSA all the information it needs to make a fair decision.

For these cases, it is useful to have professional advice from the beginning to make sure the case is decided on its merits. This is true when giving medical evidence and other pieces of information. It is particularly true if the claim is denied and the person wants to appeal.