How compassionate allowances help people receive support

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2023 | Social Security Disability

Applying for disability benefits can be a complex process that can take months or even years. For those dealing with severe medical conditions and impairments, every day without support can be a struggle.

Compassionate allowances can speed up the benefits approval process for individuals facing dire medical situations.

Compassionate allowances

In 2008, compassionate allowances became part of the Social Security Administration’s process. They help identify disability claims involving serious conditions that need immediate assistance.

Over 200 health conditions are on the current compassionate allowance list. New additions occur regularly. Allowances can apply to people with serious illnesses like cancer. These policies can also aid those living with chronic conditions like ALS.

Compassionate allowances are not separate from standard Social Security Disability programs. Instead, allowances create a faster track within the system. A regular disability claim can take months to process. Claims flagged for compassionate allowance often undergo processing within a matter of weeks.

Eligibility and applications

Compassionate allowance speeds up the benefit approval process. It is applicable for both SSDI and SSI claims. SSDI calculates benefits using work credits. Individuals earn work credits through their employment history. SSI provides benefits based on financial need. Financial need includes limited income and resources.

The simplicity of the compassionate allowance policy makes it broadly useful. The SSA does not have a separate application process for compassionate allowances. Instead, all applications go through the standard process. Expedited review occurs only if they include qualifying conditions. A medically confirmed diagnosis substantiated by relevant records is key.

Cases involving allowances tend to progress faster than regular disability claims. Nevertheless, there is a five-month waiting period that applies to all SSDI recipients.

By understanding the role of compassionate allowances, people with serious health conditions and their loved ones can better navigate the disability benefits system and secure crucial support.