Remember this when trying to prove your disability claim

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2021 | Social Security Disability

The burden is on you to prove your Social Security disability claim. This means that you have to have a firm understanding of the evidentiary requirements both in a general sense to prove a disability, but also specifically as they relate to your medical condition. Far too often it’s a misunderstanding of how to approach the evidentiary threshold that leads to disability claim denials.

Big picture, what do you have to prove?

In its most basic terms, a disability claim has to show two things: the existence of a medical condition and its severity. The mere existence of a medical condition is usually supported by medical records showing a diagnosis. The issue, then, becomes whether the medical condition is severe enough to limit an individual’s ability to work. Here, the Social Security Administration considers the nature of the condition, its severity, the length of time the impairment is expected to last, and how the condition affects a claimant’s ability to perform the physical and mental activities required of his or her work. This is why it’s crucial that you seek medical treatment that can speak to those aspects of your claim.

Be diligent in creating your medical record

Your medical records are key to your disability case. We can’t stress that enough. If the government finds that they’re lacking, then they can request that you undergo an additional evaluation that may not be favorable to you. So, before submitting your claim, you should comb through your records to ensure there aren’t any inconsistencies, that all proper testing has been performed, and that your medical providers are qualified to make the diagnoses and recommendations that they have provided.

Help is available when navigating your claim

If you’re dealing with a severe medical condition, then we know that merely functioning on a daily basis is hard, let alone trying to navigate the complexities of a nuanced legal process. That’s why firms like ours stand ready to help lighten the burden and assist you in positioning your claim as best as possible for success. If that sounds beneficial, then we encourage you to research your representation options and choose the one that is right for you.