Am I able to get disability benefits for a bad back?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2022 | SSD Benefits

The idea of someone getting disability for a bad back might have someone of a negative ring to it. It may even sound as if someone is making an excuse to avoid having to work at a job.

Nothing can be further the truth. There are in fact many serious back disorders and injuries which can seriously affect a San Diego resident’s life and ability to work. A bad back can be a serious disability.

Indeed, the Social Security Administration recognizes several musculoskeletal conditions which could qualify a Californian for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income.

Although not all of these conditions necessarily involve a person’s back, many of them do. The types of back injuries which can disable a person range from paralyzing spinal cord injuries to soft tissue injuries.

Being to prove the extent of one’s injuries is key

 In theory, a person can suffer from any number of injuries or illnesses involving the back which would qualify the person for disability benefits.

The trick is to be able to prove that the injury actually keeps a person out of his or her job and unable to find other suitable employment.

Doing so will likely require more than just a medical diagnosis. Like many other types of injuries and illnesses, the extent of a back injury can be hard for a patient to describe or for a Social Security employee to appreciate.

This is especially true when the primary symptom of a back injury is pain.

Nevertheless, with careful documentation from a person’s doctor and other providers, such as physical and occupational therapists as well as acquaintances and professional colleagues, a person with back issues has a chance to qualify for benefits. These benefits may be critical for the person’s financial support.